Lan Chi Ch 37

So it appears we’re getting deep into some more drama… Anyways, we were able to get this chapter done quickly as a part of our efforts to catch up to the raws. Hopefully it won’t take us too too long.


Lan Chi Ch 36.5

Natilla’s back, so we were able to get this chapter out! Here’s to hoping releases for this series will be smoother in the coming weeks. I’m still busy, but it helps to have people come back to help when there’s barely any staff around.

On an unrelated note, the next chapter of NozoKimi should be coming out soon(ish). We’ll see how fast I can get those scripts out =.=


Okusama ga Seitokaichou Ch 38

Well, just like how the chapter says, we need help… I’ve only gotten busier with work now that school’s out. If people are fine with waiting that long for the next chapter, the lack of manpower isn’t that big of a deal, but if we don’t have a volume to scan, that’s a different story. If you think you could help us out in that aspect, please head over to the contact page and shoot me an email.

Looks like I’ve got horrible tunnel vision. Oops.


Lan Chi Ch 35

Busy busy busy. I know you all would like more chapters faster, but I have a degree that won’t earn itself!

We had a couple communication issues that led to the delay of this chapter, on top of the fact that both Xisela and I have been really busy. It’s like you take 1 exam and then 2 more pop up in it’s place. T_T

We’ll see if we can release another chapter before the semester’s over. In any case, I still have stuff to get done for Mcriceyy so it’s all up in the air atm.

Oh yeah, because I haven’t translated in forever, this chapter’s script may be more awkward and wordy than usual. 抱歉~!